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Digital Directional Signage Software

Sign Bonsai offers an inexpensive alternative to traditional digital signage control software for large event venues, restaurants, billboards and more. Our cloud-based system allows for dynamic wayfinding features, video and graphic slideshow options, and can be integrated with Ungerboeck's event booking software. All of this comes with personalized support and a free limited initial set-up.

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Content Distribution

Configure your facility within Sign Bonsai by setting up maps and markers for where each of your displays are located. Easily target intended displays when scheduling content.

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Dynamic Wayfinding

Sign Bonsai's wayfinding tools provide you with a way to dynamically configure each display at your facility to point customers in the right direction. Coupled with maps and room inventory, the directional wayfinding tools make it easy and reliable to present directions on your displays.

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Scheduling Tools

Content is rarely static on digital displays, Sign Bonsai's scheduling tools make it easy to program start and end dates for content, as well as specify default content when no other content is scheduled. Presets can be configured to present dontent on-demand, or on a schedule. Content can be targeted to individual displays, or globally.

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Digital Asset Management

Digital assets, such as graphic slides and video clips are stored in your library, available to be presented on your displays. 2gb free storage. Upload, store digital assets, then delete them when expired or longer used.

Directional Signage that Works for You

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Are your venue's digital signs really working for you? Did you install digital signs ages ago only to have them updated a few times a year because your software is so limited? Or maybe you update your digital signs but are finding that guests don't see the full use of them?

You can fork over tens of thousands of dollars to a huge company to get things like digital wayfinding and graphic slideshows or you can get all the same features for a whole lot less from a small-scale company ready to give you personalized attention.

That's us here at Sign Bonsai. We've created an online SaaS that controls and distributes content for digital signage just like some of the big-name brands. In fact, we even integrate with event booking software like Ungerboeck. But you don't have to pay an arm and a leg.

Our system only costs $6 a month* for each of the digital screens your venue has with a price break for venues with more than 30 screens. Plus, we'll help you out with some of the initial set-up process for free. You can even go ahead and test it out with our two-month free trial. We think that after two months, you'll never go back to spending thousands of dollars a month with a larger company.

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Display Network

Whether your facility has one display or hundreds, Sign Bonsai has tools to intuitively distribute content to each display. Displays may be targeted individually or in groups. We have tools to monitor each display's connection status.

Event Info Screenshot Event Info Demo

Event Information

Present your daily event schedule so your customers can easily see what's going on and where. Sign Bonsai can integrate with Ungerboeck's event Booking software. Ask about integration compatibility with other event booking systems.

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If you use your digital signage for advertising, Sign Bonsai can help store, distribute, and schedule content to your display network. Control when slides or videos get published and when they expire.

Sign Bonsai serves large event venues such as arenas, theaters, and stadiums. Our digital signage system can also be used in office buildings, shopping centers, or restaurant menus. Reach out to us so we can work with you one-on-one to determine the best set up for your business.

Features and Capabilities

  • Dynamic Digital Wayfinding
  • Event/function listings
  • Graphic slideshows
  • Video loops
  • Content scheduling control
  • Control screens individually or as a group
  • Web-based control panel

Pricing and Setup

  • $6/month per screen*
  • Discount for venues with over 30 screens
  • Free limited initial set-up consutation
  • Up to 10 users
  • First 2gb storage free
  • Optional $35 per month extended support

Get started today with a risk-free 60-day trial. We'll take care of the initial set-up for you and you'll have the first two months to look around our system to see if it works for you. From there, we charge only $6 a month* for each digital screen your venue already has, with a price break for venues with more than 30 screens. We're always happy to speak with you directly to help you understand the various features of Sign Bonsai and how it will work best in your business.

Sign Bonsai is designed and developed by Collide Technologies, a small software development business serving the Spokane, Washington and Coeur d'Alene, ID area. We encourage you to consider buying local to support local economy!

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